Product redesign using 3D scanning

Modification and product redesign using 3D scanning

Nowadays 3D scanners are present in various business and industries. Very often they are used for modification of various products or parts. Such operations may be called redesign and it means an overhaul with improvement in mind, an alteration of some options or just modernization of the look.

Methods based on usage of 3D scanners and printers help with quicker and more effective editing and optimization or overhauling product’s construction elements, at the same time preserving its nature and basic specification. These methods mainly rely on accurate 3D scan needed to create digital design of the object that may be later freely modified with the help of professional programs (used for computer enhanced design). Finished and improved design is printed with 3D printer. 3D design of a specific product is a reference point for development of prospective products.

It makes creating variants of products cheaper and simpler, together with adjusting them to the individual needs of users (a good example are modifications aiming to make usage of specific product more comfortable for disabled persons) and elimination of all the errors not present in the original design.

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