Geomagic Control what is it?

A few words about Geomagic Control

More and more programmes and platforms are made to create, modify and control the quality of CAD models, which are designed using 3D techniques. In this article we will write a few short words about the Geomagic Control programme, which works perfectly with 3D scanners and allows for non-contact quality control of finished models. Details of its features can be found below.

Geomagic Control is a high-tech platform, which comprehensively supports a huge cloud of points generated on the basis of measurements of all the details of the product/model. You can check the quality and accuracy of any, even the most complex and complicated in design element. It was created for faster and more accurate inspection of the performed work as well as the optimisation of repetitive actions. With its use, you can programme the report templates that will execute any part of the model according to the project.

About Geomagic Control

Furthermore, using Geomagic Control, you can save a lot of time and eliminate errors which could contribute to the implementation of a defective product, and thereby generate greater quantities of waste. Furthermore, this programme is a guarantee of the highest quality results. Its calculations are always correct and accurate, and are formed on the basis of the tested algorithms. You can personalise it according to your needs, which will accelerate the pace of production and installation of all the necessary elements.

It is worth noting that the platform has a different kind of basing, an interface which perfectly cooperates with the measuring devices, an intelligent recognition system of geometry and the analysis of cloud of points and meshes. It automates workflow, and allows for a creation of copyrighted scripts and reports. This is a fully interactive and satisfying tool, and with its help you can create in 2D and 3D.

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