SpaceClaim what is it?


What is SpaceClaim?

SpaceClaim Engineer is one of the best and most popular programmes for innovative 3D design. The vastness of the possibilities it provides will satisfy even the most demanding engineer, and a large number of options will allow to develop even the most complicated projects. Want to learn more about this application? If so, we invite you to read further.

SpaceClaim is a cheap, functional and innovative tool for preparing concepts and designed 3D models to be used for digital prototyping. It allows for the conceptual design, quote modelling, preparation of the model for a CAE simulation, geometrical editing, removing various features and preparation of a model for the CNC production, production of various forms and structures and creating 2D drawings and 3D solids. This tool is also often used for the creation of industrial designs and designing jewellery.

About SpaceClaim

This technologically advanced programme allows you to reuse data without planning, combining geometry from a variety of projects and removing product characteristics. It is very easy to use, and most of the commands seem be as simple as a “Drag & Drop” feature. This tool guarantees modern rendering and the creation of many concept models that can be numbered. With its help, you can simplify the analysis of CAE. It supports various formats and reads CAD files.

Moreover, it has a very flexible structure that allows you to create all the parts of the model and combine them freely. It also allows for a quick modification of dimensions and provides the ability to make quick changes at any stage, without having to switch between modes, because they all happen simultaneously. It is ideal for simple and easy sketching from scratch, as well as importing the already finished projects. It is suitable for the development technique “from general to detail” of model creation.

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