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Geomagic Design and its functions. Part I

Geomagic Design and its functions. Part I

Geomagic Design is a program used for model design in 3D CAD. It allows for all the elements and compounds to be parametrically modeled, installation documentation to be prepared and finished design to be altered. It has tons of useful options, which makes it find its use in various industries. We describe selected operations in the forward section of the article. We encourage you to learn about all the details.

Parts modeling – it is the most important function of this program and means parametric design of parts in 3D technique. The design is prepared so as to be later modified quickly and with minimal effort and be easily updatable. All the modules that the design consists of are interrelated and modifications are implemented with only a few clicks. What is important is that every alteration simultaneously affects views, intersections and dimensions so there is no need to spend time sketching the designs again.

Compounds modeling – it is an option that allows one to combine various elements into a compound. Working in this program is very efficient, mostly because of ‘Grab and drop’ option. Additionally, while modeling, it is possible to preview the model in the real time, create an exploded view automatically, check physical features of the element and modify it directly in the open window.

Sheet metal modeling – it is another thing that can be done with the help of Geomagic Design. Preparation of sheet metal elements is possible thanks to ‘Bending’ tool. It makes going from square to round profile smooth. It is also safe to convert solid elements to constructions or to create folding using a draft.

Publication in PDF 3D – creators of this program also thought of an option to view 3D models in PDF format. Thanks to this option it is possible to show the finished model to the client professionally, without any need to open CAD program.

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