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3d threats

3d threats

3d technology threats

3d technology is an important development in today’s world. With the fast pacing advancement of technology in general it offers both great opportunities as well as threats. As with every invention influencing different branches of human development the way it goes depends on many factors, politics, economy, global development, environmental issues etc. Basically, it all comes down to people’s choices. The people are always responsible for the application of their creations. Even, originally the most innocent invention can change into terrible weapon. There are multiple examples from the human history.

3d threats are no different here. But what are the threats that are specifically related to this area? First of all they mostly refer to the technology of 3d printing. Some concern ethical issues of 3d medical printing, related to the question of testing, healthcare access and ambiguity of manufacturing prosthetics for people who don’ really need them. Others, at first sight more serious and direct concern the possibility of 3d printing of dangerous materials, like weapons (the famous now case of the state of California in US regulating the legislation of 3d printed guns.)
No matter the kind of 3d threats, the world definitely is aware of the possible problem. Not without reason global leaders organise conferences and apply prevention measures to stop or limit the threats. But the world we live in is a dangerous one. The threats can come from many areas. Unfortunately, the increase of fast advancing technology and the changeability of the world make it impossible to control all the inventions.

3d technology – positive side effects

No matter the danger, 3 d threats are not to be overemphasised. Let’s remember about positive side. Humankind progress is inevitable element of human history. There is no way to stop without hindering the development one way or another. Utopias where people forget about their natural drive to learn and go forward are not working. At first sight they make look appealing, the problems seemingly eliminated, the progress stopped or carefully measured but there is always something that lies deep and bothers the community.
Therefore, technological advancement can’t be hindered. Moreover, this kind of interference can block the progress altogether or make it go sideways. This can be even more threatening. Living the 3d technology advancement at peace no matter the threats is a positive thing. 3d technology gives many people a chance for normal lives (in case of 3d printed prosthetics), allows for all kinds of development in all the areas of human activity, artistic development and creating the future through prototyping modelling. It’s just enough to be aware of the possible problems and try to approach them in a reasonable way.

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