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3d events – boost employees skills

3d events

3d events – possibilities

3d technology is a must in the modern world. It’s used everywhere, in all kinds of businesses. It’s no longer limited to powerful corporations or huge organizations. Nowadays you can find 3d technology at private homes, schools or local small enterprises. Although, the general mechanism how it works seems simple – live object is scanned and transformed into 3d model, not many people know how is it possible. 3d technology for many people is still a mystery. Obviously they can see how the object is scanned and then created as 3d model, but the whole process and technology are not easy to grasp. Since, so many companies and businesses rely on 3d technology it’s important for business owners and employees both to know the mechanisms of 3d scanning and modelling.

3d events and 3d trainings are becoming more and more popular. What are they? 3d events are most frequently events dedicated to given company employees explaining and presenting the secrets behind 3d technology. Usually, during such events objects that are scanned and then modelled are related to company business. In this way employees can truly understand how it’s all working and gain valuable experience that they can use later at their everyday work. Such events are very often combined with presentations of other possibilities of 3d technology and the ways a given company can use them. Often, there is a chance to speak with 3d technology experts, get advice for the future 3d applications etc.

3d events – advantages

They are many advantages of 3d events. Apart from gaining knowledge and understanding how 3d scanning and modelling works, business owners and employees can get much more. Opportunity to speak with 3d technology experts is a great chance to find new usage for 3d technology that is closely related to company operations. Expert knowledge and possible ideas for future 3d applications aren’t everything. These kinds of events are also a great opportunity to socialize and get to know each other. Brainstorming and group discussion allow for creating new business plans and ideas.

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