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Scanning services

Scanning services

What’s better your own 3D scanner or paid scanning services?

Scanning of various objects like documents, credit cards or bar codes is performed with various devices. There are mobile and stationary scanners of different sizes. Scanners have various prices, depending on the brands, types and available functionalities. The most expensive are state-of-the-art 3D scanners. 3D scanners have a lot of applications and very often they are necessary in many businesses. Hence, if a given company can’t afford 3D scanner they can always use paid scanning services.

3D scanning and services

Scanning services are provided by companies which have necessary equipment at their disposal. Very often this kind of companies also offer 3D scanners distribution and servicing. 3D scanning is characterized by extreme accuracy (to 0,01 mm), which allows to take precise measurements that other traditional scanners can’t. Objects that prove to be difficult to measure are architectural objects, complex machine parts, jewellery parts and objects made of various plastic materials.

3D scanning directly at company site

3D scanning can be performed at the company providing services or directly at your company. If it’s possible to pack up and send printed object you can have the process done at the scanning company. In this way you can be sure that scanning conditions are optimal and the whole process is quick and efficient. Yet, if the object size or its nature prevents this possibility, scanning services are provided directly at your company site. Both ways are pretty common (check at evixscan3d.com) High quality equipment allows precise object measurement, even in difficult conditions, for example in darkened rooms, outside with high level of humidity and fog or in full sun light.

3D scanning services, is that all?

3D models find plenty of applications. Companies providing scanning services can also create 3D and 2D documentation, help to reconstruct damaged objects and launch completely new ones. Moreover, they also offer optical quality control, both in lab conditions and outside. In their offer you can also find 3D modelling, trainings concerning scanners and software for professionals.

From the above you can see that the scope of work connected with 3D scanning, modelling and applications is very wide. It’s possible that in the future scanning services offers will be broadened.

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