3d scanner

Reverse engineering CNC

Reverse engineering CNC

Reverse engineering CNC technology, information concerning CAD

3d scanners are nowadays commonly used devices finding applications in huge production halls and facilities. Some manufacturers or producers decide to buy their own 3d scanners, others use companies which are specialised in production and sale or lease of such tools. Many companies deal with CAD documentation and CAD models on the basis of ready-made details and templates. It’s reverse engineering CNC that’s gaining momentum now and is finding plenty of applications, among others in reconstruction processes of damaged elements and parts.

A few words about computer aided design (CAD)

CAD, an abbreviation for computer aided design basically refers to using equipment and computer software in technical design. Talking about CAD documentation and models people basically refer to digital geometric modelling which aims to create models of given products. Sophisticated construction of such a model included the following information/features: geometric, dynamic and some technological properties.

Digital modelling and based on this creation of models is just a part of CAD possibilities. Computer aided design is also used both before, after and during CNC machines operations. There’s a lot of talk referring to reverse engineering CNC.

Reverse engineering CNC includes for example the following activities and operations: creation of technical drawings for existing machines full of details, conversions of such documentation to digital version, preparation of 2d documentation and other types of files referring to 3d scans, preparation of 3d scans, models and visualisations, preparing assisting documentation like manuals, instructions and repairs, and many others.

Reverse engineering CNC – retrieval of important documentation

There’s plenty of companies that use reverse engineering CNC, some of them design and manufacture tools which are later used in scanning and further operations. For example, evixscan3d.com offers reverse engineering CNC.

Using proper measuring techniques allows for creation of documentation from scratch for an existing physical detail, bigger part or even whole object. 3d models produced in such a way are compatible with all types of CAD software, and can be edited. They can be used to create replacement parts or as a basis for creation of more advanced objects and their parts and their perfect matching.

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