Modifications and redesigns of products

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Modifications and redesigns of products using 3D scanning 3D scanners are today used in many sectors and industries. They are very often used to modify various types of products or parts. You can do these types of action as redesigning, aimed at improving, changing some features or simply modernizing the overall appearance. Methods based on […]


Geomagic Design X

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Geomagic Design X – training. All you need to know. 3D techniques are becoming increasingly important, especially in engineering. With this technique you can create articles and see how they will look before they go into a final production. What’s more, you can freely make changes to the finished model, so you can continuously improve […]

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3D scanner in every home?

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3D scanner in every home? The future of 3D laser scanning technology. 3D scanning is associated with the technology used in industry, medicine or cinematography. It often seems complicated and too expensive. But the growing popularity of this type of technology can mean that soon everyone will have a home 3D scanner. First, our imagination […]