Digital models – sufficient for reality

Digital models

What’s 3d modelling

models3d modelling is gaining popularity ow. Due to rapid technological advancement 3d modelling is more and more widespread, and what’s also interesting it’s getting cheaper thus it’s availability is increased further. Whereas a lot of people heard about 3d scanning and modelling actually not many people know what these processes actually are and what they an be used for. Basically, 3d scanning refers to the process of scanning a real life object and turning it into a digital model that’s later stored in a computer file.

Digital models of real life objects have plenty of applications and there’s also a lot of things that can e done with the. Digital models when stored in a computer file can be transferred to relevant computer software and further edited. They can used to create visualisations of objects, to reverse engineer the process standing behind given objects’ creation, to be changed in whatever way we want it. They can be also simply put to more direct and simples use – they can be printed. 3d printers allow to print digital models of real life objects. What’ interesting, such prints can be made from variety of substances. You can choose from plastic, metal as well as salt, sugar or bee wax. There’s actually plenty of possibilities here.

The final shapes of your digital model’s prints depends on many factors. It can be related to your own imagination (when you’re simply experimenting with a new technology) but it can be also used for serious business related projects. Think for example of printed digital models used for processes connected to reverse engineering, industry, education or schooling. What’s more, even simple digital models while still stored on your computer can serve great educational purpose. They can be used as training models where your students can practice editing the files, using advanced software functions and plenty of other things.

How we perceive the world around us

Finally, let’s not forget about the fact that digital models can also serve plenty of other things. If you think form more philosophical angle you can quickly see that technology definitely changes the way we perceive the world. In practice in means that we no longer experience the world directly form the human perspective, we rather see as it’s filtered by the machines, tolls and thing we uses. Think for example of a journey. A few centuries back a simple travel from London to neighbouring Reading took a few days in shabby carriage. You had time to observe the world, to move through its structure and feel it. Nowadays the same travel takes several minutes in a  top speed trains. You can only see some pictures of the world as the move quickly one after another while you’re looking at them through the glass window – the directness of the experience is somehow lost.

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