3d scanning to CAD – basics

3d scanning to CAD

What’s 3d scanning and what’s CAD

3d scanning technologies are gaining popularity now. They are so widespread and widely used that many people don’t even try to really understand how they work. Some people simply think of them as common, and others see them as magical operations, which are impossible to grasp. Still, it’s best to know that there’s no magic involved and everything is based on modern technological solutions.

3d scanning refers basically to the technique in which the shape and size of an object is captured by a special 3d scanner. This shape is then transformed into a computer file, where it can be further processed. You can save, edit or print your 3d representation of a physical object stored on your computer. Summing up, basic function of 3d scanning is to create a 3d representation of a physical object that’s later stored on your computer and can be edited or printed.

What’s interesting, there’s a possibility of 3d scanning to CAD. Although, at first sight this may seem as an extremely difficult process it’s pretty simple to comprehend. To understand 3d scanning to CAD fully, it’s best to know what CAD stands for.

CAD is an abbreviation standing for computer-aided design software, which basically allows you to do two things. First of all, working with CAD software can aid you in creating 2 and 3 dimensional models of objects that later on can be turned into real life physical products. Secondly, you can use CAD software for creating toolpaths for machine operations.

Knowing what 3d scanning and CAD are it’s much easier to understand what 3d scanning to CAD means. Basically, you can use 3d scanning to see if a given part of your CAD model is compatible with the whole. Finally, let’s not forget that with CAD you can easily create 3d models that can be used in 3d printing. 3d files created in CAD are compatible with 3d scanners and 3d printing process.

3d scanning to CAD – learn more

3d scanning to CAD and the possibility to create 3d models in CAD that can be easily printed are great opportunities for software developers, engineers and designers. Yet, to use them to the full you need specialised knowledge about technologies behind 3d scanning and modelling and about CAD software functionalities.

Luckily, there’s plenty of free online resources where you can find tutorials explaining the basics behind 3d and CAD, as well as presenting advanced functions and possible applications of these technologies. Apart from online resources there’s plenty of companies specialising in dedicated business 3d and CAD trainings. They all are great opportunities to learn more.

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