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Several things about 3D printing

Several things you should know about 3D printing

We probably don’t have to mention the fact that 3D printing is a revolutionary technology and an incredibly useful solution with a variety of applications in numerous branches. It has many advantages that are mentioned with every possible opportunity. Unfortunately, it is not perfect and has few disadvantages that often remain unmentioned. We have decided to change this and discuss several important issues. We kindly invite you to read!

  1. Digital printing takes time. Printing of a small object may take from few to several minutes to few hours, depending on the complexity and size of the model. The long printing time is not a resultant of technological limitations, but of the fact, that the process requires precision. Only then will the ready product remain durable.
  1. The majority of printers available on the market only allow for printing of small objects. This is because they offer a small field of printing.
  1. 3D printing is very expensive. The purchase of equipment itself means spending from several to several dozen thousand zlotys and the warranty period is only 3 months. If we add servicing costs, technical support, buying materials, then we must add another few thousands to the overall costs.
  1. The prints do not have smooth surface. They only become smooth after finishing, which can be performed with, for instance, acetone vapor.
  1. The use of 3D printer requires good knowledge of space design software (such as CAD). Unfortunately, without basic knowledge, the creation of proper, good quality models is impossible. So if you wish to use this technology, you definitely need some prior training.
  1. Many unpredictable events can occur during printing, making the whole process completely useless. A filament stuck in the nozzle, or the print coming off from the table can make you rage with fury, because you will have to start the whole time-consuming process all over again.
  1. Contrary to what one might expect, 3D printers are not a system that can do it all. Complex models have to be printed in parts that are subsequently put together.

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