Modifications and redesigns of products

Modifications and redesigns of products using 3D scanning

3D scanners are today used in many sectors and industries. They are very often used to modify various types of products or parts. You can do these types of action as redesigning, aimed at improving, changing some features or simply modernizing the overall appearance.

Methods based on the use of 3D scanners and 3D printers allow for faster and more efficient application of amendments, as well as optimisation, and redesign of components of the product, while maintaining its character and basic parameters. They are primarily based on the execution of accurate 3D scans, which allows you to create a digital model of the object, which then you can freely modify, with the help of professional programmes (used for computer aided design). A ready, improved model is then printed using a 3D printer. 3D design of the product is therefore a starting point leading to other major projects and processes.

This allows for easy and cheaper way to create product variants, adapting them to the individual needs of future users (a good example of modifications are aimed at improving the use of the product for people with disabilities) thus eliminating any possible errors not included in the original project.

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