Dimensions of technology – finding new realms

Dimensions of technology

Dimensions of technology – what’s there

technologyWe’re all living in the technological world now. Whereas in the past our world was famous for its great achievements in architecture and style nowadays it’s the technology that dominates the world. Technology is simply everywhere no matter where you actually turn. It’s in the streets, in our houses and flats, at homes and work, in school and outside where up until now it was the nature that rules. Dimensions of technology can be various. Everything in the end depends on the fact the way we look at such rapid and seemingly inevitable technological advancement.

Technology can be seen only in positive light and as such its dimensions are all about making progress an brining enlightenment to the people. Yet, on the other hand dimensions of technology can also take much darker shade. Think for example about all the possible dangers fast technological advancement inevitably brings and creates. Dimensions of technology related to its darker face can be the ones leading to nuclear wars, AI control over machines and eventually people and plenty of other highly risky things. Yet, it’s still practically impossible to stop technological progress or simply deny it. One thing yet is sure – dimensions of technology can’t be actually limited to it’s good or bad applications.

New ways of development

techAfter all, technology is constantly brining us further and further into the unknown realms. Technological advancement is so rapid that there’s no saying where it can bring us. In the past it was  much easier – the world was perceived though our senses, our interactions with it where more direct and relevant, our experience wasn’t in any way mediated. Nowadays, it’s the technology that defines us and creates the lenses though which we perceive the world. For now it’s still possible to define the boundary between our human sight and senses and sight and senses as shaped and influenced by technology. Yet, the boundary is being blurred constantly.

There’s no saying whether it’s a good or bad thing. Our experience of the world is simply different and dimensions of technology definitely change it. As long as we know technology and use it for our own good it’s perfectly safe, risk can appears only when our understanding is compromised. In order to avoid it it’s best to take control over technological development and become its active part. Learning as much as possible about current and possible future ways of technological development can give us leverage. Let’s no waste this opportunity and take action – don’t ait to be simply incorporated into the world, let’s fold it to our needs.

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