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Does 3d technology change the way we think?

3d technology

3d technology characteristics

3d technology started truly developing at the beginning of the century. Since then it’s been progressing at the fast rate. It is inevitably changing our lives since today almost everyone heard of the technology. It’s because nowadays 3d technology is not only limited to big influential corporations, it can be also encountered in small businesses, schools etc. It’s influence is inevitably spreading and as with every progress there is no way to stop it.

What are the basic characteristics of 3d technology? The basic idea behind it, put in simple terms is to analyse the real world object (there is growing possibility of objects being analysed, from real apples to paintings etc.) and turn it into 3 dimensional model. What is so stunning about it and why does 3d technology so powerfully catches our attention?

3d technology influences

3 d technology grasps our imagination basically because of the way it works. Up until now it was only natural for people, or people with only tools assistance to mimic real world things. Think of paintings, photography etc. With 3d printer the work is done almost without people’s help. This is the first unsettling and catchy characteristics. The wide range of 3d technology applications (see more here www) don’t limit it only to the strict recreation. Suddenly people’s minds open up to the magnitude of possibilities, like modelling only fragments, or reverse engineering where you can get to the bottom of thing and see the way it works. Think of architecture – 3d totally changes our lives, architects play with 3 dimensional house model, add details, analyse things and the effect of their work has direct consequences in our everyday lives. Finally with 3d easily accessible everyone can become an artist, and this can change the way we think of creating innovations.

The future life

Technology has always served as a medium. Nowadays more than ever its importance is growing and changing the way people interact with each other and with the environment. 3d technology is currently shaping our perception of the world. However, it is still too early to say what will be the possible results. This process is ongoing and we are still unable to realize the effects. With 3d especially it will be extremely difficult to measure the influences. 3d covers and somehow affects multiple areas of our lives. Even the ones seemingly distant like used in hi-tech engineering will eventually touch our ordinary lives. Whether the results will be positive or negative is also impossible to determine now. There are too many changeable factors and other kinds of invisible yet variables to say for sure. The future life therefore can be very different than the life as we know today. With the growing pace of the way the world changes its impossible to foresee the future. The things we consider now science fiction become obsolete today. So the only possibility for people is to look ahead with their heads high up.

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