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3D scanner in every home?

3D scanner in every home? The future of 3D laser scanning technology.

3D scanning is associated with the technology used in industry, medicine or cinematography. It often seems complicated and too expensive. But the growing popularity of this type of technology can mean that soon everyone will have a home 3D scanner.

First, our imagination conquered 3D printers, it is now time for the scanners! Imagine this situation:

We want to make someone a birthday present – such as an impressive sculpture or figure. However, due to distance we cannot give the present in person. So what do we do? We pack up the sculpture and bring to the post office, hoping that it will be delivered in one piece. If we had a 3D scanner, this situation would look different – we would simply scan our chosen gift, a digital project sent to a friend, who could then print the finished piece with a 3D printer.

We could thus quickly and easily exchange and share various types of objects, such as digital files and documents online. Of course in order to make this process comfortable and easy to use, the software and the hardware, it would have to be fairly comprehensible. However, taking into account the development of technology, we can expect that both these aspects of 3D scanning will soon be simplified and ready for general and amateur use. This potential is enormous and it holds an unlimited amount of human creativity. So what will be the direction of development of the technology to scan and print a three-dimensional project? Only time will tell…

Such 3D scanners designed for home use have gradually started to appear on the market. Although scanning and instantly printing objects in three dimensions must is a process that must still await its future, however it is nonetheless a possibility worthy all of our attention.

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