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3D printing with beeswax – curious facts

3D printing with beeswax

Beeswax and 3D printing

3D scanning and modelling is gaining momentum now. Quick technological advancement allows for scanning of various objects, which find variety of applications. 3D printed objects can be found in medicine (various kinds of prosthetics, human organs replicas, bioprint models), in engineering and mechanics (replacement parts models, particularly useful in reverse engineering,) arts and many other areas of human creation. All these branches give a lot of possibilities and make 3D printing take various forms. Interestingly, 3D prints can be also made from various materials. 3D prints aren’t only limited to such materials as plastic, glass or metal. There are many more available substances suitable for 3D printing. Just to name a few, think of sugar, salt or even beeswax. 3D printing with beeswax is particularly interesting. What exactly is 3D printing with beeswax and what are its practical applications?

3D printing with beeswax, as the very name suggests are 3D prints made from beeswax. Beeswax is characterised by very low temperature of melting and as such 3D printed models harden very fast. Models made from beeswax look really natural. In contrast to 3D prints made from plastic materials beeswax models tend to degrade quickly, hence they aren’t harmful to the environment and don’t have negative impact on ecology. What’s interesting, 3D printing with beeswax creates natural looking objects that are really attractive and can be used as unusual decorative elements.. What are other applications of 3D prints made from beeswax?

3D printing with beeswax – practical applications

3D printing with beeswax, due to the material’s characteristics isn’t really popular and can’t find applications in engineering, production or mechanics. These types of 3D models can be found in arts and everyday objects. Interestingly, 3D technology is constantly advancing, hence it’s possible for 3D beeswax prints to find more applications in the future. Only time will tell and we can only wait and for now enjoy the beauty of beeswax objects.

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