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3d art – new possibilities

3d art

Art – different media

The ongoing development of 3d technology is a great opportunity for many human areas of activities. Leaving out the very important applications in industry, medicine, engineering and design let’s focus on the one that by many can be overlooked – art. Artistic creation always used the available media. Throughout the ages humankind worked on variety of materials, starting from the very carvings on the cave walls and crude sculptures to modern day art using all kinds of media, for example computer graphic programmes.
Art with people goes through the various development stages. The various media become the massages in themselves, according to famous phrase of Marshall McLuhan. At today’s art scene at the beginning of the century appeared new medium – 3d technology. The medium that transforms everything.

3d art – features

3d art refers basically to 3d printing (to learn more see www.) Whereas, some may consider it re-creative it has undoubtedly become a place of artistic creation. Before relating to the specific application of this art form let’s have a look at how it works. Basically, 3 scanner analyses the real world object and then constructs its 3 dimensional model. With regards to art, for example the scanner equipped with photographic scanning system can help to digitalize the masterpieces of paintings and turn them into 3d models, but it is not limited only to the already existing pieces of art or to paintings only. Read on to check the other curious examples.

3d art – forms and curious examples

3d art can take many forms. The limit is only the imagination of the artist. Let’s name just a few. Imagine Van Gogh’s Sunflowers come to life, how would you feel when looking at them or possibly touching? Not enough, let’s move on to another example. Think of the never ending field of sculptures. A Romanian artist uses 3d printed forms to fill them with variable substances and create massive variety of sculptures. What about printing an entire room? There is no limit as it comes to size or space, you can create the whole room taken out of ancient Greece. Just be thorough and print it piece by piece. It requires only your patience. Still there are others, pieces of garments, self-portraits, sugar lumps (yes, made of sugar, material is not the limit here as well) What about trespassing and taking as your material another art – music. French artist Gilles Azurro turned one of Obama’s speech into sound wave and then used 3d technology to make it into 3d model – this can really make you feel ill at ease.
There are but a few examples of outstanding artists using 3d technology to fulfil their imagination needs. The field allows so many broad applications that it may the first time in the art history that we must reconsider what art definition is.

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